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On the Giants' Runway in Toulouse: the Machine Hall and Pioneers' Take-off

La Piste des Géants
La Piste des Géants (image du projet architectural)
A unique cultural site in France

The Giants' Runway cultural site is part of the ambitious Toulouse Aerospace urban project being developed by the Toulouse Metropolitan area in Montaudran, a historic district in the aeronautics saga. 

The Giants' Runway has been designed around a runway used by civilian aviation pioneers in the 1920s. It includes:

  • The "Pioneers'  Take-Off" museum area in the historic Aéropostale buildings (opened in January 2019).
  • The Gardens of the Line (opened in June 2018), a landscaped visit evoking the exotic scenery that the Aéropostale pioneers flew over.
  • The Machine Hall (opened in late 2018), a contemporary building designed to house the gigantic and fantastical creations of the famous La Machine company.